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TWISNet - Trustworthy Wireless Industrial Sensor Networks

Over the past years, the deployment of sensor networks into industrial environments attracted a lot of several business domains. Therefore, an increasing number of applications are developed in several business domains, ranging from defense, public security, energy management and traffic control to health care. Sensor networks are particularly interesting due to their ability to control and monitor physical environments. Nevertheless, several technical (e.g. remote management, deployment) and security (e.g. user’s privacy, data confidentiality and reliability) challenges deter that integration. The TWISNet project aims at supporting and securing the integration of sensor networks into large scale industrial environments.

In the scope of TWISNet, a number of use cases, from nuclear plant facility to supply and demand energy management, which illustrate the integration of sensor networks into industrial environments are considered. From those use cases, user’s privacy, node authentication and data reliability appear as the most important security requirements.

The TWISNet project is going to provide a platform enabling business application to command and control sensor network in a secure and trusted way. Integrating commercial off-the-shelf or pre-standard devices, that platform serves as a mediation layer between the sensor network and industrial applications. Empowered with security architecture addressing the major business application security requirements (e.g. user’s privacy, data confidentiality, reliability), that platform is validated based on the identified use cases.

The scientific and technical outcome of TWISNet is going to contribute to standards, such as IETF 6lowpan. These standards will be enhanced to make them capable of addressing the use cases proposed by the project.

TWISNet is intended to last three years starting in October 2010. For more information about the project's approaches, have a look at the information given on the presentation subpages:

Project Partners
Technical Approach

Also have a look on presentation pointing out some aspects of our architectural concept:

TWISNet architecture concept

Having any further question you are more than welcome to contactus writing an e-mail to wehner[at] and stating your requirements/wishes/recommendations in the message.
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