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Welcome to TWISNet consortium public and private information data base.

Congratulations - you have managed to identify the major entry point to experience European research activities on Trustworthy Wireless Industrial Sensor Networks (TWISNet).

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The TWISNet European R&D project addresses the security concerns raised by the deployment of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) into industrial environments. The goal of the TWISNet project is to provide a platform for an efficient, secure and reliable integration of sensor networks into large scale industrial environments.

The TWISNet R&D project team consists of 7 major industrial and highly regarded academic partners. For more information about TWISNet project, have a look at the project's overview 

About TWISNet .

Practical hints:

There are two basic modes visiting this web site:

1. Without login: You will have access to the latest public information concerning Wireless Sensor Network Research and Application Integration performed in the European R&D project TWISNet.

2. With login: Being a member of the project consortium you have access to the TWISNet intranet allowing you to exchange data, to schedule events, to edit news and to collaborate using mailing lists.

First you might want to browse the public information as well as to download public available project deliverables in order to become familiar. Having any further question you are more than welcome to contact us using writing an e-mail to wehner[at] and stating your requirements/wishes/recommendations in the message.

Please use this User Guide for learning more about using this web page most efficiently.

Thank you very much for paying attention to the R&D project TWISNet!
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